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Lydia Chillante is a wandering mysterious spirit..searching for something..or someone. Her eyes reflect the tourment of her soul. She is kind and loving. She wears a shroud and emits an etherial blue glow..perhaps she isn't human. She has purple eyes that flicker and glow a pale light. When she speaks, her words echo across the wind, like an eerie whisper, sending a shiver down everyone's spine.

Lydia is human..or..she was. She was deeply in love with a man named Jericho. He died in a battle before they could marry. When Lydia heard the news, she commited suicide by leaping from her castle window to the river below. She wanted to join her love in the next world, but she died with complete sadness in her heart. She was doomed to walk the earth in spirit form...forever searching for her lost love..but never remembering who he was.

For eternity, Lydia will walk the earth.. searching for something..or someone..but never remembering what, or who she was looking for.

Lydia denies her death, she believes she is one of the "living", but deep down inside, she knows the truth. This sadens her to great depths. She is always weeping, her soul in utter torment and agony. She is a kindered and anchient spirit, deep with wisdom and love. She protects her friends to unbelieveable lengths.

One day, a stranger by the name of Maveric stumbled into her life. He filled her heart with a feeling she had not felt in centeries. He helped her to realize her doomed fate as a lost soul and attempted to lead her to the light. Lydia was frightened and ran away... but she always remembers him. He still visits her from time to time, and loves her, but does not want to be with her.

Over the years she has sought help from others, materializing before them, but mortals are scared of the unexplained and run away from her. She feels lonely and unwanted...she wanders still..unsure of what will become of her.

Lyda was befriended by a man named Marcus (First Shadow). He had a facination with death. He felt bad for Lydia and offered to free her from the cold and solitude of her curse. He found her a body of a female elf and released its spirit, freeing the body. She then projected herself into it and currently occupies this body. He taught her how to free spirits from bodies so that she could get another when hers died. She has taken 3 bodies to this date. Though he does not love her at this time, he offered to allow her to be his. Eventually his interest in her faded as his eyes found different women. She was left alone again.

Soon after being abandoned by Marcus, her heart fell for the Dark Lord Eidolon. She loved him dearly, but again, he did not love her in return. Sympathysing for her, he humored her and told her that he loved her, but eventually, forgot all about her and left.