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Welcome to the Four Horsemen's Web Page

You Are Now Entering Our Lair

We hold the key to unlock the
Darkness of the Universe,
The 4 Horsemen
will take over and become Gods
of this foolish cilivation.
The future is Now
Boot up or shut up
Blame Your Self...OR GOD

The fire upon our Souls will Die with the Pelting of the Rain. The Fire that will light our Darkness will die out, leading us blinded into the passage way of enternal darkness. Light will come and lead the way the strange appearance of the light is deeply hidden with in our minds where we, the be holders of these twisted minds, can't find or recall it. Forever the answers to the most thought of questions will be trapped in the darkness of our minds, The Rain has been blinding Us to find our true meanings in Life...One day we Will all see the light and under stand WHY...We will recall the eminent truth of the night which has been blinding us...

Liberoth is War
Viron is Pestilence
Pathos is Death
Rexia is Famine

Together we Make
Bow down to us so we can take your head...

We Decide who Lives or Dies!

The Count Down To Extinction Has Begun...

Microsoft users are all doomed for they can not see this countdown.